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Project Description
Library with sample HLSL effects for WPF and Silverlight applications.

Initial seed includes:
BandedSwirl, Bloom, BrightExtract, ColorKeyAlpha, ColorTone, ContrastAdjust, DirectionalBlur, Embossed, Gloom, GrowablePoissonDiskEffect, InvertColor, LightStreak, Magnify, Monochrome, Pinch, Pixelate, Ripple, Sharpen, SmoothMagnify, Swirl, Tone, Toon, and ZoomBlur

Transition Effects:
BandedSwirl, Blings, Blood, CircleReveal, CircleStretch, CircularBlur, CloudReveral, Cloudy, Crumble, Dissolve, DropFade, Fade, LeastBright, LineReveal, MostBright, PixelateIn, PixelateOut, Pixelate, RadialBlur, RadialWiggle, RandomCircleReveal, Ripple, Rotate, Saturate, Shrink, SlideIn, SmoothSwirl, Swirl, Water, Wave.

Video demonstrating the effects
Tutorial on writing pixel shader effects
Blog post announcing the library with useful links

This requires .NET framework 3.5 SP1 and requires Direct X SDK at compile time.. (to build the PS files).
This also uses the Shader Effects BuildTask and Templates from the WPF futures samples at
For silverlight, Silverlight 3 Preview ( released at MIX09) and the corresponding tools are needed.

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